Thursday, March 22, 2012

MDRA – Rudikoff Associates, Municipal Planners Announces Successful Completion of Solar Thermal, Energy Efficiency & Performance Contract Installation for Beacon Housing Authority

MDRA-Rudikoff Associates, a highly-regarded regional planning firm, announced the completion of a unique energy-efficiency project for the City of Beacon’s Housing Authority. MDRA was instrumental in the identification, application and administration of grants from three funding sources: HUD (Federal Housing & Urban Development); Dutchess County Community Action Partnership; NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Agency). The HUD grant was won by MDRA after a highly competitive national selection process.

Total funding attracted for the project was a combined $2,435,000, allowing the City of Beacon’s Housing Authority to implement major energy efficiency improvements at both the Forrestal Heights and Hamilton Fish housing complexes, a total of 245 apartments, at no local cost. The project, now completed, consisted of removal and re-installation of new boilers and furnaces, residents’ appliances, thermostats and light bulbs, as well as the installation of high-quality solar-thermal panels, which offer a 40% savings over traditional hot water generation.

Ron Traudt, Beacon Housing’s Executive Director said of MDRA, “They are very good at what they do. Getting the first grant from HUD was key. None of this would have happened without MDRA’s involvement. After they got that grant, the Housing Authority re-hired them to be our administrative consultant, handling all the paperwork and implementation of the improvements. The tenants are very satisfied, and so are we.”

The project is unique in that it is one of the first multi-family housing complexes to benefit from weatherization and alternative-energy funding in the northeast. MDRA coordinated the project’s many players involved in the funding effort. The firm also administered the grants, the contractor bidding and the construction administration paperwork. MDRA  facilitated the hiring a Tenant Coordinator for the project, who assisted in working with tenants and worked out contractor schedules in order to minimize tenant disturbance throughout the project. Funding also helped develop a “green buildings” operation plan.

MDRA has been assisting clients for over 25 years, offering the highest level of professional planning, grant identification & administration, economic studies and ecological services in the region. The firm works with municipalities, local and State agencies, corporations and non-profits, offering Environmental Impact Statements, energy efficiency project management, planning consultancy and master planning services.

For more information contact: Harv Hilowitz, 845-590-0925, e-mail